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How to select real good black Goji berries and distinguish the fake

     Black Goji berries are with high nutritional and healthy values, and has became very hot and popular on market in recent years,followed by sharply price increasing. In the interest driven by some unscrupulous merchants sell bad or fake products. Panda Foods remind you all consumers that you should keep your eyes open when you buy.

     As far as now there are 3 simple counterfeiting methods:

     1.Mixed real black Goji berries with Nitraria sibirica.

Nitraria Sibirica has similar color and appearance as black Goji berries, so you would probably could not discover it if you did not check carefully. Black Goji berry price is more than $250/kg but Nitriaria Sibirica is only $2/kg at most. It is absolutely a kind of cheating to sell Nitraria Sibirica as black Goji berries.

     2.To sprinkle water on black Goji berries to increase weight.

     3.Using Small blue berries and other similar fruits instead.

       Panda Foods would like to teach you how to distinguish real black Goji berries.

        1. Distinguish from appearance

              Black Goji berries is a kind of thorny shrubs, more numerous, multi-branched, with tough branches branch and purple-dark and round berries, sometimes hollow on top, 4-9 millimeters. More than 95% of black Goji berries are with carpopodiums, with 5-8 seeds in the fruit, could be squeezed into powder by hands after dried. Nitraria Sibirica is dull red, no carpopodiums, and the fruit falls off automatically after mature, sole kernel, too hard to crush down.

            Furthermore observing carpopodium, black Goji berries are with gray carpopodiums, if with too many blue ones, that must be colored.

        2.Observing soaking water

            Black Goji berries are with full dark color, being blue in soaking running water(acidic), and purple in mineral water(alkaline);the soaking water is low in sugar, slightly sweet. Nitraria Sibirica soaking water is with light color, high in sugar, tend to be sweeter.

Real black Goji berries in running water, the blue color is silky. A mass of blue color will show in water for colored fruits.

     3.Black Goji berries are soluble in water, the white cloth stained by black Goji berry juice is easily cleaned with water. But Black Goji berries have worse solubility in alcohol, whose color is light purple in it.

     4.Distinguish from growing areas

       The best wild black Goji berries are from Qinghai Province, with more anthocyanins than from Xinjiang, Gansu and other areas. Black Goji berries from different areas have different price. Generally speaking, Black Goji berries from Qinghai are the best, Xinjiang comes second, Gansu at last, but it is not absolute, some black Goji berries from Gansu are with very good quality.

        Panda Foods hope these methods above could help you select satisfactory black Goji berries with good quality.

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