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How to make dried apples yourself at home

    Dried apples are great and healthy snack with low-fat and high vitamin. It is not difficult to make by yourself at home, even with some funs,. Just follow Panda foods with several steps and try it, and you will love that!

1. Picking

    Selecting fresh ripe and firm apples with good quality, pesticide-free, not mushy, bruised or rotten. You could choose whatever variety you prefer, Fuji apples is my favorite, as it is sweet and have a better taste.

2. Washing

    Wash apples in clean water, do not use hot water, as it would boiled apples and change the taste. If you would not like to peel the skin later, no need to spend too much time on it.

3. Peeling

    Peel apples with a knife or no need pealing if apples are pesticide-free and clean enough. What’s more, it will add a little bit flavour, but dried apples with skin would be a little tougher, but I enjoy that, just do whaterever you like.

4. Removing the cores

    Core the apples. Please remember do not core too much, just remove the core as your thumb size.

5. Cutting into Slices

    Cutting apples into pieces, slices or rings or whatever shape you like, just remember one point, the smaller the size is, the shorter the drying time is.

6. Soaking in Lemon Juice

    As the enzymes in the peeled apple slices would react to oxygen in the ari and make apple change color to brown, we’d better put them in cold water with lemon juice, it is one lemon juice to four cold water. Or skip this step if you would like natural brown color, Anyway, the difference is only color and their nutrition are almost the same.

7.  Drying

    There are 3 drying methods, you could choose whatever you like.

    Dehydrator: If you have a food dehydrator at home, that is better and simple. Set the tempreture to 65-75 degrees Celsius and keep for 2-3 hours until it is completely dried.

    Oven: If you do not have a dehydrator, it doesn’t matter. You could use oven in the kichen. Set the tempreture to 65 degrees Celsius and leave the door open slightly for 2-3 hours drying. If you would like to dry quickly, you could put a fan infront of the oven to blow air to get rid of moisture.

    Sun-dried: If you neither have no dehydrator or oven, no problem at all. Thank God we have a natural huge dehydrator over our head, yes, that is sun. Just spread apple slices on a big sheet of clean paper or something else in the sun. It would take 3-4 days at least, but the taste is better than being dried in the dehydrator and oven. Do not forget to bring them inside to protect to moisture.

8.  Storing

    If you could not eat them all one time, you could put dried apples into plastic bag or glass container and keep them in the refrigerator. Remember to seal the plastic bag or glass container tightly to protect to get damp. If keep very well, it could be kept for 12 monthes.

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