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How to Choose and Select Goji Berries (wolfberries) with Good Quality

    Since more and more people realize that Goji berry is a super fruit with many magic effects on human health, but how to choose Goji berry with good quality is still a challenge for most of common people. Today Panda Foods will teach you how to select good Goji berry in several ways:

1)  Shape

The best Goji berries are only from Zhongning, Ningxia, which is with long flat shape; the Goji berry from other producing areas(Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia) is mostly with round short shape.

2)  Color and Smell

Good natural Goji berries are with dark red color, If the Goji berry are with bright red color, which are probably added with Sulphur Dioxide or artificial color.

The sulphured Goji berry is with a little bit pungent smell. It is easier to distinguish the Goji berry with colorings, just put them in the water for a while, if the water became red slowly, then it is definitely added with colorings, if not, then it would be natural.then it would be natural.

What’s more, the Zhongning Goji berry is with white spot at the bottom of stalk, the others are not.

3)  Specific Gravity

Get some water and put Goji berries in, if they are Zhongning Goji berries, 90% of them would float on the wather. The others, about 50% would sink in water.

4) Taste

     Good Zhongning Goji berry taste a little sweet, not bitter, very sweet or with other strange taste. The Goji berry from Qinghai, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia would be much sweeter.

    Hope this article could help you select natural Goji berries with good quality, Panda Foods only supply natural good Goji berries with our conscience.

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