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Chinese Dried Goji Berry Variety &Type

There are 2 varieties for Chinese  dried Goji Berry(Wolfberry), Ningxia Goji Berry and Xinjiang Goji Berry. There are some big differences between them.

1.  Shape
      Ningxia Goji Berry is with long shape, but Xinjiang Goji Berry is round.

2.  Size
     Generally speaking, Ningxia Goji Berry is bigger than Xinjiang Goji Berry.
3. Total Sugar Content
     The natural sugar in Xinjiang Goji Berry is much more than Ningxia Goji Berry.
4. Taste
     Ningxia Goji Berry taste a little sweet, but Xinjiang Goji Berry is very sweet.
5. Medical Value
     As with less sugar, Ningxia Goji Berry medical value is bigger than Xinjiang Goji Berry.
6. Price
     As Ningxia Goji Berry is the best, which price is much higher than Xinjiang Goji Berry.
7. Market Share
     Ningxia Goji Berry is with more than 90% share of market, Xinjiang Goji Berry shares the rest.
8. Producing area
    Ningxia Goji Berry grow in Ningxia Province,in Which Zhongning City is the most famous producing area; Xinjiang Goji berry came from  Xinjiang province.

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