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Chinese Dried Apple Variety and Type

There are maily 2 varieties of Chinese dried apples, Fuji apple and Qinguan apple. There are some big differences between them.

1. Color

Dried Fuji apple is with light yellow color, dried Qinguan apples is more white but with some green spots, expecially at the beginning of the harvest season. The more muture, the less green spot, so dried Qinguan apple quality would be better from Jan. to July. Dried Qinguan apple would be easier and quicker to change its color than Fuji variety after some exposure to sunlight. Dried Fuji apple color is more stable.

2. Size

Generally speaking, Fuji apple is bigger than Qinguan apple, so dried Fuji apple size would be bigger.

3. Total Sugar Content

The total natural sugar in Fuji apple is a little higher than Qinguan apple.

4. Taste

Dried Fuji apple tastes sweeter and better than Qinguan apple.

5. Price

As Fuji apple is the best, whose price is higher than Qinguan apple.

6.Market Share
Fresh apple market share: Fuji apple is with better taste, quality and longer shelflife, Fuji apple shares more than 85% Chinese fresh apple market. There is no market for fresh Qinguan apple.

Dried apple rings or quarters market: Fuji apple is with more than 70% share of market, Qinguan apple shares the rest. The reason is that dried apple rings or quarters are usually used for snacks in super market and Fuji apple have better appearence and taste.

Dried apple dices or cubes market: Qinguan apple is with more than 90% share of market, Fuji apple shares the rest.The reason is that apple dices or cubes are mainly used for food additives and Qinguan apple is much cheaper.

7. Producing Area

As Fuji apple is with better quality and became the most popular variety in China, Fuji apple grows in most of northen provinces, but Shandong province is the main producing area, in which Yantai City is the most famous and historic regions.

As a apple-dying variety, Qinguan apple mainly grow in some less developed western provinces, such as Shanxi province, etc.

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