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Latest Goji berry market report till Feb.2, 2017

Author:Panda Date:2017-3-3 12:28:03
    Goji berry price kept decreasing slowly since new crop season July, 2016 because of continuous weak sale and large supplying quantity on market.

    For the past 3 years, Goji berry planting area grow sharply, but the demand kept decreasing because of worldwide economic crisis. More than 80% Goji berries are consumed by Chinese in domestic market, the export quantity is only about 10%-20%. Therefore, sharply decreasing demand in China is the main reason for price down.

    This year is one of big landmark for Goji berry industry. The latest price is already below farmer's planting cost. Some farmers began to cut down their Goji berry tress, we expect Goji berry output would decrease a lot in years. What is more, lots of small Goji berry producers closed down for couple of months and still no sign that this situation would get better. We expect Goji berry industry will be reshuffled in a couple of years, only these companies with good faith supplying good quality goods at competitive price can survive.

    If you have any more question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will supply more industry news and give our suggestion for you.

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