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Weak Sale of Fresh Apples

Author:Panda Date:2013-1-7 7:31:08

Weak Sales of Fresh Apples
2012 is a harvest season for China fresh apple, but not a good year for the farmers, as few packmen come to purchase their apples even the price is 30-40% cheaper than past years. This is abnormal.
Apple farmer had a very good year in the past three years, which are also abnormal. In 2009, 2010, 2011, the apple price is very high at harvest time and falled down at second half of year. Most of farmers would sell their apple at harvest time and make good money. But most of fresh apple business middlemen and companies lost lots of money on it.
   Therefore, it is not a suprise fresh apple enjoyed a bad sale this year. We estimated fresh apple price would became reasonalble in 2011 since it went thourgh 2 year unusual market trends, but it is not, still crazy. Therefore, a terrible year is coming, few traders and companies would like to purchase and store apples, which caused the dull apple market.
   We expect this weak sale would last all year around. But it is good for dried fruit companies, low price would increase their sales.