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2013 crop Chinese dried cherry report

Author:Panda Date:2013-5-27 2:04:15

                     2013 Crop Chinese Dried Cherry Report

1.Harvest time
Also effected by cold weather in Spring, the harvest time of cherry is about 20 days later than former years.

2.Quality and size
As no big natural disaster and plant desease happened, the quality and the size is normal.


     Big size cherry: Cold weather make the production of a cherry tree deduct by 10-15%, but as plant area increased by 20-25%, the total output is about 10-15% more than 2012, and its price is also 10-15% cheaper.

      Medium size: As medium size cherry is very small and with sour taste and cheaper,not suitable for fresh eating but only industry, the growing area is decreasing year by year, so the output is 10-15% than 2012. The price rise by about 10%.

As the supplying quantity is enough, we expect the price would be stable and do not have any big fluctuation. In current situation, the demand of cherry is very strong in Russia but weak in EU.