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2015 crop dried Goji berries market report (Dec.3, 2015)

Author:Panda Date:2015-12-3 11:35:45

 Chinese Dried Goji Berries Market Report (Dec.3, 2015)


     Since 2015 new crop dried Goji berries were available in July, its sale kept weak till today, some small companies did not get even an order in one month. Two main reasons caused so extreme situation: Firstly, world economic have not been better and Goji berry is a expensive super foods, poor economic decreased Goji berry sales. Secondly, for the past 2 years, dried Goji berries were speculated and its price were on the rocket, the importers came into panic buying and hoarding as long as Goji berry price increasing, which pushed up the price again. Extremely high price decreased its sale a lot. Then when 2015 new crop came to the market, many importers still have big stock.

     As some speculators got big profit for past 2 years, this year they would like to do the same thing, that is why dried goji berries price increased from Aug. to Sep. even the sale was weak, but weak sale did not support price up, therefore, since Oct., dried Goji berry price stopped to increased and came down. Even the market price is still at high level, but some companies began to offer at low price on the sneak just to clear stock to lower loan pressure and evade the risk.

    We expect dried Goji berry sale will continue to be weak till next crop and some small companies will bankrupted. Its price will decreased. Some big companies has already began to sell at loss just to maintain market share and beat down small competitors.
                     Dried Goji berries
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