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2015 crop pumpkin seed Kernels market report (Dec.30, 2015)

Author:Panda Foods Date:2015-12-30 10:58:23
 Chinese Pumpkin Seed Kernels Market Report (Dec.30, 2015)


      It's been a bumper year for 2015 Crop pumpkin seed kernels comparing with 2014. Good harvest did not bring good price at the beginning of harvest season in Sep., on the contrary, pumpkin seed kernels price was on the rocket. The reason is that 30%-40% reduction of output in 2014 made price increase sharply and went crazy and did not calm down at beginning of 2015 crop season but still went up badly with the pushing from speculators.

     when more and more new crop pumpkin seeds came into market in Oct., strong price could not remain any more but came down, price decreasing caused weak sale, more and more buyers stopped and canceled their purchasing but wait and see, which caused price down again.

     Pumpkin seed kernels price went down sharply in Nov., 2015 and kept decreasing slowly since Dec., and we expect its price will continue to came down slowly in couple of months.

     Panda Foods suggest you could buy some to meet your market demand if necessary and do not buy too much but wait and see.

                              2015 crop pumpkin seed kernels
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